Orbital Mechanics - STK Projects


Here are some samples of work I have done with STK. I have worked on projects that involved creating the trajectory of a Galileo type probe that included Earth and Venus swing-bys on the way out to Jupiter. Some of these images are from tutorials from the latest version I used to stay up to date. The involve predicting when a spacecraft will be in range of a ground station. Click on the images to see a description and larger version.

Astrodynamics - Spacecraft approaching Mars
Approaching Mars
Satellite Ground Track and Ground Stations
Satellite Ground Track and Ground Stations
orbital mechanics
Communication Range Cones for a Satellite
aerospace - matlab plots
Interplanetary Mission
pork chop plot in matlab
Pork Chop Plot
stk with astrogator
STK Astrogator Targeting Sequence
stk trajectory
Orbit Trajectory Going to the Moon
stk images
Ship Ground Station
aerospace engineering - ground track
Communication Range with Mobile Stations

Updated: 7/13/2012