Aerospace and Programming Projects

Astrodynamics/STK Projects
stk orbital mechanics Some of my astrodynamics work including proects done in STK and Matlab.
Europa Research Project
aeropsace research A research project to model the atmosphere of the moon Europa for spacecraft mission planning.
Space Environment Research
data analysis program Programming I did supporting research at the Space Environment Center. I created a visualization program with lots of options.
Wacko Shock Analysis Applet
Written for a High Speed Aerodynamics class. It calculates coefficents and pressure ratios on a 2-D airfoil with a shock in front of it.
Hammerhead 2.0
java program A rebuild of my original Java unit converter. It converts many different type of units.
Supersonic Cone Flow Applet
supersonic fluid mechanics project This applet calculates the shock angle, the ratio of the pressure on the cone to the pressure before the shock and the Mach number on the cone.
Astro Java Project
astrodynamics project This project includes several applets and two Java library classes that have functions for orbital mechanics.
Pinky Airfoil Coefficents Calculator
aerospace fluid mechanics project This applet was written for a High Speed Aerodynamics class while I was an aerospace graduate student.

Updated: 11/9/2017