aerospace aerodynamics java applet

Pinky: Airfoil Fluid Mechanics Applet. Requires Java to run.


Pinky is a Java applet that calculates the coefficients on an airfoil. I wrote this applet for a aerodynamics class while I was an aerospace graduate student. Information on the delta wing airfoil comes from the separate classes (Narf, QSP and QSP-Hi Res). Other classes for different airfoils can be created and added to the airfoil choice box. The entered Mach number must be greater than one. To transfer DCp matrix to a spreadsheet, copy it to a text file then load it as a csv format spreadsheet. The calculations are based on method in Chapter 11.7.2 of Aerodynamics for Engineers 3rd Ed. by John J. Berton and Michael L. Smith.

Future Work


This applet is named after one of the characters from the Animaniacs (and later Pinky and the Brain).

Updated: 7/13/2012