The Simcity 2000 Page

The Simcity Page When I created this page and background, the colors were so bad I had to keep it.

Spring Break Trip 1999

Zion Spring Break Page A Spring Break trip to Zion and Bryce National Parks. The page is written similar to a blog.

Unit Converters

Javascript Unit Converters Screenshot Before Hammerhead there were pages with Javascript unit converters.

My First Ever Webpage

It has never before been on the web...really!

Old Sites on the Wayback Machine

CU Website

For awhile I had a professional webpage (this one) and a personal one. Eventually they were merged back together on this site.

Personal Website August 2000

This is a good capture of my website. It even got the background.

Personal Website May 2000

I forgot about this server. This capture got the top navbar that I used for a long time.

Updated: 3/20/2021