Supersonic Cone Fluid Mechanics


This applet calculates the shock angle, the ratio of the pressure on the cone to the pressure before the shock and the Mach number on the cone. The only inputs are the upstream Mach number and the half angle of the cone. Integration is done using the fourth order Runge Kutta method. The input and output angles are in degrees, but all calculations are done in radians. The number of different shock angles tried is limited to 70, but the output window is cleared at tries 26 and 52. If the limit is reached the status line will say "Max Tires Hit" rather than "Complete". The extended output textarea shows the results from each try, each step of the integration and the final results. This applet was originally designed for a high speed aerodynamics class project. while I was in Aerospace Engineering graduate school. The equations are from Gas Dynamics Vol 2 by Maurice J. Zucrow and Joe D. Hoffman.

Supersonic Flow: Fluid Mechanics Applet. Requires Java to run.

Future Work

Updated: 7/13/2012