Day 4 Ghost Town, Zion National Park

On Wednesday half the group took a 4 1/2 hour trip down to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I stayed with the other half the did a few things in Zion. First we visited a ghost town a little outside of the park. We saw a lot of people painting on the way there. Also on the way, we saw this metal cow trying to rope a chair.
Then we went into the park. After stopping at the visitor center to setup our backcountry trip, we drove down the Scenic Canyon Drive and saw some old and current club member attempting a big wall climb.
After stopping by the Zion lodge we hiked up to Angel's Landing. Here's a picture of it from near the begining of the trail.
The last section of the hike was steep and rough. The view from the top was awesome. Angel's Landing is actually in the canyon and the top is lower than the rims of the canyon. Here's a view looking down the canyon.
Here a picture looking up the canyon The west rim is on the left.
Here's another picture looking up the canyon.
One section on the trail had a bunch of short switchbacks with water drainage pipes under the trail. On the way down I decided that it would be more fun to crawl through these.
After crawling through the tubes I started running down the trail (it's more fun this way). Near the end I stopped on a bench to wait for the others to catch up and watch the sun going down on this canyon side.

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