Day 1 Zion National Park

We drove down to Atlanta then flew to Las Vegas, then drove up to Zion. Here is the entrance to Zion Canyon and to the town of Springdale.
Approaching the park.
Approaching the park.
Group Picture at the Zion National Park entrance sign
After getting to the park we drove toward the east entrance. Here are some of the switchbacks on Mt. Carmel Highway which goes to the east entrance.
One of Several Windows on the Mt.Carmel Highway Tunnel.
The Great Arch
After setting up camp we drove up the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive and did a couple hikes. The first was a short one to Weeping Rock. Here's a picutre looking Down the Canyon from Weeping Rock
Waterfall just of the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive past Weeping Rock
Climbers doing a big wall climb.
The Virgin River and the Bottom of Zion Canyon
The Virgin River and the bottom of the Zion Canyon. The base of the Great White Throne is in the background.